The children who attended the 2015 VBS had a great time as you can see from these pictures.  A very special thank you to ALL the volunteers who planned the event, those who taught and those who helped in the kitchen and other areas. 
vbs pictures 1bvbs pictures 1a   vbs pictures 13   vbs pictures 14   vbs pictures 16   vbs pictures 17   
                                                    The first day of Vacation Bible School                                                            Some of our
  vbs pictures 1c   vbs pictures 19   vbs pictures 20   vbs pictures 2   vbs pictures 4
            Volunteer Meeting                           Off the Map decorations – from gi-normous butterflies, waterfalls to huge maps!                                 
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   We’re on our way!                                   Class Time                                              Crafts                   Can you help me?  I’m lost. Please
                                                                                                                                                                 tell me where to register for VBS!
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                                                                                Snack Time                                                                        Outdoor Time
The Adult Men’s Sunday School class hosted a fish fry at Roger and Judy Simmons place on Bay Minette Creek this past Thursday,
May 7th, 2015.  Virgil Paul cooked a big pot of seafood gumbo and Ray Rieben supplied the bream fillets, most of which he and Edna Powell caught within sight of the fish camp.  Robert Sullivan, Tiny Hall, Jim Wurst and Tony Nelson supplied the “fixens” to go along with the fish and gumbo.  Nineteen attended including guests.  It was a great time of good food and fellowship.